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Online Tutoring

Tutor Doctor’s online tutoring delivers the same high-quality experience you expect, but with many more benefits.

Why Choose Online Tutoring with Tutor Doctor?

With the Tutor Doctor, the tutoring process remains the same, whether you are online or offline. Every student is assessed and carefully matched with the best possible tutor. We devise a custom-tailored program for your child, and offer support throughout every step of their learning journey. To facilitate the best possible online tutoring experience, we’ve teamed up with software provider Bramble for our program.


Never forget what you learned. With Tutor Doctor, every online session is recorded, so the student can review it at a later time. These recordings can help them retain new information, and can serve as a review to help them refresh their memory in time for that critical exam coming up. This benefit is especially valuable for students studying STEM subjects.

Location is no longer a barrier to an excellent education. Wherever you live, we are able to match your child with the perfect tutor for their needs and learning style. Once you’ve found your favorite tutor, you can remain with them, no matter where you are and they are. You won’t risk interruptions to your child’s tutoring due to poor weather, accidents, Covid-19 or vacations (unless you want to take a break).

Online tuition simplifies your schedule. By moving your sessions online, you gain access to far more available time slots, and tutoring can happen from anywhere there is a decent internet connection. Say goodbye to rushing to tutoring appointments! Going Digital has never been easier.

We’ve made a serious difference in the lives of more than 200,000 people, equipping them with confidence and empowering them with the skills they need to learn.




The Tutor Doctor Process

We have a comprehensive, collaborative approach and work together with your child and teachers to identify the right strategies and find the perfect tutors.

Icon showing the assess part of the Tutor Doctor Process
We start with a free consultation where we can assess your child’s needs and create a customised programme for their academic goals.
Icon showing the match part of the Tutor Doctor Process
Tutor Doctor utilises an advanced matching system that pairs your child with a qualified tutor who fits their educational needs and personality!
Icon showing the tutor part of the Tutor Doctor Process
Personalised tutoring is designed for each specific student. Your child will get help with homework and so they are confident in the classroom.
Icon showing the support part of the Tutor Doctor Process
We make sure to follow up on our services, keeping your family in the loop with weekly session reports on how your child is doing.
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